In addition to cosmetic surgery, Dr. Nicole Colgrove and Dr. Edwin Lee have expertise in head and neck reconstructive surgery as well specializing in MOHs reconstruction, facial trauma, and scar revisions. Cancer reconstruction requires creativity and skill to restore natural form and function. Facial trauma and defects from skin cancer removal present a unique surgical challenge with every patient and requires a comprehensive understanding of anatomy and physiology to adequately repair.


This patient had a traumatic laceration that was closed by an ER physician. It healed poorly and also contained a foreign body. We revised the scar and cleaned out the debris, and he has healed wonderfully.


This patient was referred to our practice after undergoing skin cancer removal using MOHS surgery. The patient was very pleased with the result and he also appreciated that could still wear his eyeglasses and his hearing aid.

Skin cancer

We successfully removed the skin cancer from the patient's temple/forehead area and then performed the reconstruction. The picture on the right was taken 3 weeks after her surgery.

MOHS skin cancer surgery

Before and after (2 weeks) photos of a patient who underwent reconstruction of a defect on the nose caused by MOHS skin cancer surgery. Using delicate techniques the defect was carefully closed which yielded an excellent result.